Pigeon Consortium
Artificial Learning Machines





We are working on the cutting edge of practical Artificial Learning Machines – machines that learn from and adapt to their environment.  Our aim is to manufacture ALMs in hardware as compact and efficient as biological brains. 

We were inspired by the brains of real pigeons – why is it so hard to build man-made machines as capable as these natural learning machines? Biological brains have volume and power densities a million times better than the common computers of today, when machines as complex and fast as a pigeon’s brain are the size of a warehouse.  We want to make ALMs that are light, low-power machines that can sit in the palm of your hand.  In April 2010, we began developing an exciting but feasible vision for how to achieve these million-fold improvements and we are now drawing a roadmap to get there. 

Pigeon Consortium is bringing together the theory, technology, skills and inspiration to make this happen.  Our immediate aim is to design, fabricate and demonstrate world-leading prototypes in a scalable technology with applications in wide global markets.  We will strive to transfer our intellectual property to industry within 5 years.  

Watch this space for details as we continue our journey.  Please use the links to the left for further information or use the Contact form to get in touch. 

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